Why we're different

In everything we do, the focus is on practical advice, avoiding boring lawyer jargon and fixing the fees so you know exactly what you're getting.  We won’t charge you unfairly, won’t advise court proceedings if they’re not necessary and will be sure to advise a better way of doing things even if it means we lose out on fees.  Don’t get us wrong… we can get our teeth into an argument in court when we need to.  

We know that, if you could settle your disputes without a big court argument, maintaining respect for each other, you would.  We know you’d rather not spend your money on legal fees.  We know you'd prefer to say that you kept your dignity even during the difficult times.  It isn't always necessary to go to Court to resolve legal disputes - there is almost always a better way.

In family law, this means that we won’t just help you with the legal stuff – we’ll find a way to do it that is best for your family, particularly any children.  You want your children to feel they can invite both their parents to their weddings. You want a good separation. Going through a separation is really hard! But keeping the process non-confrontational will make things easier and lead to solutions that work long term. 

When writing your will, we’ll work out the best way to achieve your aims, to protect your estate, to minimise inheritance tax.  If we’re dealing with probate for you, we’ll have pretty much the same objectives: achieve the aims of the Will, distribute the estate, manage payment of inheritance tax./p>

We don't advise on tax, posting selfies or fashion.   We like a quick drink after work sometimes and there is a constant possibility that an innocent phrase will prompt one of us to burst into song.  Some of us do a fair bit of yoga.  We enjoy our job, spend time with colleagues we like and work with clients whose company we enjoy.  When we’re done, we want to go home with a sense of satisfaction.  Before our kids are in bed.