Fixed Fees

Our clients are happy to pay us fairly for the help we provide.  Charging by the hour makes no sense - it rewards inefficiency and doesn’t connect fees with quality.  The client has no control over it and it creates unpleasant surprises. We charge fixed fees, allowing for the clients’ needs and constraints, to give clients certainty.  Plus sharing the risk and reward helps build strong, long term relationships, which we think is a good thing!

Charging options:

  • We will quote and stick to a fixed fee for a defined piece of work.  Call us as many times as you like, we won’t be counting 
  • We will quote a capped fee which we will not exceed.
  • We will charge you a fixed monthly fee calculated as the average value of the work, levelling out the peaks and troughs.  The fee will be reviewed regularly to ensure that it is fixed at a fair level in relation to the volume or complexity of work