Our family team help a lot of people who are going through a relationship breakdown. They know how you must be feeling – there is so much to deal with!  Aside from the emotional turmoil, you need to sort out the house, the debts, perhaps a family business and some pensions.  The children have their own set of needs and issues – Who will they live with? What contact will they have with the other parent?  And we bet your ex isn’t seeing things the same way as you and just doesn’t understand or accept your concerns.  You may have survived an abusive relationship and need ongoing protection, reassurance and support to get through legal disputes.  The list seems to go on and on…

Lisa can help.  She has processes and strategies to make the transition easier and help you achieve enduring solutions. 

She works hard to keep the process non-confrontational and to reduce conflict so that you are able to find solutions that work for your family.

Lisa Pickering has been confirmed as an Advanced Specialist having gained an accreditation with Resolution.  


Lisa chose to test her skills and expertise through a rigorous assessment of her knowledge, abilities and way that she works with clients and other people.  

It was an eight-week process which culminated in a weekend crammed with questions, answers, too much coffee and notepaper everywhere!

And it was all worth it.  Lisa has proven she knows her family law and earned particular specialisms in domestic abuse and issues regarding children. 

We at Picasso Legal all believed she knew her stuff already but everybody loves to get a certificate! 

To view Lisa's certificate, click here!