Property Disputes

Boundary Disputes

I bet you’re certain where the boundary to your property lies.  I bet your neighbour is certain as well.  But do you both agree?  It is pretty common for neighbours to disagree on this and it can get pretty complicated and emotional.  

Owning Property Jointly

Many people own property jointly with somebody else.  If they are married, then ownership of the property will be covered by the laws relating to matrimonial disputes.  However, even if they are in a relationship, if the owners are not married, they will be dealt with as if they were friends, family or business partners.

Sometimes, a couple live in a property which is owned by only one of them.  In some circumstances, the non-owner can get a court order confirming that some of the property is theirs as well.  But this isn’t always something that can be happily agreed.

Unmarried couples with a dispute about ownership of their property should look at information for cohabitees, here {LINK} as well as the information on these pages.

Unmarried couples with children may need to make an application relating to property on behalf of their children.  The Children Act sets out how this is dealt with and what factors are considered.