Free Will Schemes

Here at Picasso Legal, we believe legal services should be accessible to all.  

We do understand that some of you fear making a Will is going to be complicated and costly – meaning that you decide the best option is to do nothing!  Let us correct you!  

We also believe in giving back which is why we have teamed up with various charities to offer free simple Wills for clients over the age of 50.

Cancer Research are renowned for their groundbreaking work in striving to find a cure for the big C.  The money left by people in their Wills goes a long way to help fund this research.  We are delighted to have been part of their free Wills scheme for many years now and this will continue for years to come.

Similarly, we work in conjunction with PDSA who provide help and support as well as essential treatment for much loved pets.  Again, by leaving them a small legacy in your Will, can make a world of difference to the assistance they can provide when it's most needed.

We also work with Free Wills Network, who support around 50 national charities from NSPCC, National Trust to British Heart Foundation and many more, so there is always a charity to support that would strike a chord with you.

So how does it work?  

Anyone over the age of 50 (PDSA) or 55 (Cancer Research and Free Wills Network) can have a free simple Will drawn up by Picasso Legal.  It is hoped, but by no means expected or obligatory, that you will leave your chosen charity a small something in your Will.  This can be a set sum of money, donations at your funeral or a specific item, such as a painting  But you may choose to not benefit them at all - you will still be entitled to a free simple Will so long as you are of the appropriate age.  If nothing else, we have raised awareness for the charity, you have had a professionally drawn up Will free of charge and we have been paid a little something too - everyone wins!

So, there really is no reason not to make a Will (or update an existing one which you made in 1984 and longer reflects your circumstances or wishes)!!!