The life of a solicitor during a global pandemic

2020 has been a tough year for everyone. We have all had to adapt to the challenges and ever-changing circumstances of the pandemic, impacting our professional and personal lives significantly. The legal profession has not been an exception to the rule, clients and solicitors have also had to adapt quickly based on government advice. 

Since March the industry has had a shakeup of how court hearings have been dealt with, whilst courts deal with some in person, I am to set foot in a courtroom, everything has been conducted over the telephone and occasionally over Skype. The legal industry, just as many industries, has become reliant on technology. It has made things more efficient, but some clients have found it difficult without the face to face interaction and support. 

Some clients have had to endure complicated family matters play out in court as they watch on through Skype or listen in through the telephone, some of these matters involve children which makes it even more heartbreaking for families especially.

The announcement of a second lockdown has brought about different rules to the first, with courts exempt from the new restrictions, however, I am still yet to enter a courtroom, and everything is continuing to be conducted through telephone or over Skype. I find it peculiar that I can be arguing a point of law before a judge whilst still in my pyjamas in my front room, but I suppose many of us have had to adapt in this exact same way, it really is a strange time.

Hopefully, Christmas brings an element of normality, but the reality is that domestic abuse is consistently rising and that is something that we cannot ignore. Honestly, domestic abuse cases will be the bulk of our work over a second lockdown and the Christmas period; we wish it wasn’t this way but unfortunately it is. We hope your home is safe this Christmas and we hope you can enjoy it in the best way possible, by raising a glass of your favourite alcoholic (or non-alcoholic) beverage and saying goodbye and good riddance to 2020 with your favourite people around you.