Our thoughts on last week

This week commenced with International Women's Day. A day that should be celebrated by all and an opportunity to recognise their incredible achievements in a male-dominated society.


However, this message was quickly lost, in a week that has left women up and down the country tired and frustrated.


Firstly, we had Meghan Markle's interview with Oprah, which should have been an opportunity for people to empathise with her situation.


This was not the case, the bravery that Meghan showed to discuss her feelings in what would be a blockbuster interview was met with contempt from an established television presenter, who stated that he did not believe her when she discussed her suicidal thoughts through some difficult moments.


What does that message send to people up and down the country who are also struggling in an incredibly challenging time? Whether you believe her or not, support should be the only appropriate response to such a claim.


This week also coincided with 'Say No More' week, an opportunity to raise awareness of domestic abuse and sexual violence.


Especially in a time where one in three women worldwide face physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner or sexual violence from a non-partner at some point in their lifetime.


This was a chance to reflect on actions and make a pledge to do more to support women in all aspects of life.


Then, a tragedy came to light. Sarah Everard went missing on the 3rd of March. Her body was identified on the 12th of March, in a woodland area. Sarah took every opportunity to remain safe, she took a well-lit route on a main road home and intended to get back in the early evening. She took these precautions to stay safe, through conducting risk assessments that only women would ever understand.


But she didn’t, her life was taken from her, in an event that women imagine every single day. They take precautions all the time so that they can be safe.


And yet, this, another unfortunate example of their biggest problem and concern, men.


Men must do more so that women feel safe no matter the circumstances. Men must do more so that women don’t feel the need to clutch their keys with all their might, men must do more so that women don’t feel threatened when men are walking behind them. Men must do more so that women feel comfortable doing whatever it is they want to do, whether that is exercising, wearing whatever they want, getting drunk, going out, living their lives, they should feel comfortable WHATEVER it is. Men need to make a conscious effort to support women and break this mould. Because women are tired and afraid.


And to think, all of this started on International Women’s Day and ‘Say No More’ Week. Things need to change. AND Fast.


Written by a man who must do more, as we all should to make women feel safe in society, it’s a basic human right.