Interview with our amazing client and sufferer of domestic abuse "Jenny" - I have control again

Interview with “Jenny”

To maintain important General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), this interview will discuss a client’s case and experience with Picasso Legal under the pseudonym of “Jenny” to ensure their anonymity and protection.

Sam: So Jenny how did Picasso Legal help you and what did your case involve?

Jenny: My case involved a non-molestation order, divorce and Picasso Legal are also assisting me in fighting for custody of my kids.

Sam: Interesting, so how long was it until you decided to reach out to Picasso Legal?

Jenny: I had suffered about a month of constant abuse, it was becoming too much, then I decided to reach out. At first, I got myself into a women’s refuge for my safety, the police got in touch and I made a statement, following that the NCDV referred me to Picasso Legal who has been handling my case ever since. I’ve been waiting for divorce proceedings to take place, but my partner has not cooperated with the process. What I will say is, he thought he had control of me, and he did for a short while, but he no longer does. I am starting to gain more control of my life again.

Sam: It’s good to hear that you’re gaining further control of your life again. What led you to consider seeking support at the time?

Jenny: October 2018 was when proceedings commenced, as previously mentioned, he does not cooperate with the divorce or the situation overall which is becoming increasingly frustrating, to be honest. But what really made me seek some support was the fact that he threatened to kill my kids which pushed me act because that was just too far for me, it was so worrying, and I didn’t want to continue to live like this.

Sam: I understand, that must have been really difficult to deal with and very concerning. After hearing such a horrific threat what did you do?

Jenny: I was searching for what to do online and what was needed for a divorce and non-molestation order, then I went to a women’s refuge, NCDV referred me to Picasso Legal and Lisa has been supporting me throughout my case ever since.

Sam: That’s good to hear, so what have Picasso Legal done to help you and your situation?

Jenny: So at this point, I have signed paperwork, been given the news that the non-molestation order has been accepted recently, which is amazing, and the case is still ongoing. Picasso Legal have supported me throughout the entire process! Lisa is brilliant at what she does, she’s able to explain things to me in a way that I can easily digest and properly understand, they’re amazing and really quick with replies and advice too. I would recommend Picasso Legal in the future to all my friends and family for sure and would definitely contact them again if needed in the future. Now I hope my case progresses and I am able to move forward with my life.

Sam: Thanks for speaking with me today Jenny, I understand it must have been difficult for you to do this considering your situation. I wish you the best of luck in the future. 

To anyone who is currently struggling please get in touch or contact the relevant authorities, you are not alone.