#ASKPICASSO - Divorce Proceedings Q&A

Hi Everyone,


We've decided that every week, we're going to answer your most burning legal questions about several topics that you can see in the graphic. We're calling it #ASKPICASSO (we know, imaginative right) anyway, this week we're focussing on divorce proceedings, so see our answers to your queries below!


Q1) What do you need to get divorced?

A) You'll need a £550 Court fee OR proof of low income, the original marriage certificate, contact details, an idea of what led to the breakdown of the marriage and at least one of you living in England or Wales.


Q2) How long does a divorce take to finalise?

A) Usually, a divorce takes between four and six months to finalise, however, this is more like a year during a global pandemic.


Q3) How much does a divorce cost?

A) This depends on whether you consider a DIY divorce or other options. On average, divorce at the moment in the UK costs around £14,000 from start to finish to finalise, but that figure is also dependant on whether the divorce is contested or not, living arrangements and legal costs. Payment plans may be available to support the overall costs.


Q4) What happens to the children?

A) This depends on whether you and your partner are able to come to a decision on, where the children will live, how much time they will spend with each parent and how you'll financially support the children. Utilising a parenting plan and considering mediation can really help in this situation.


Q5) Are divorce records public?

A) Yes, divorce records are public, however, they give certain details, such as confirmation of the divorce, who they're divorced from and legal terms. Any circumstances regarding the reasons for the divorce or personal situations, however, are not disclosed.


Q6) What happens to the house?

A) Again, it depends. If you're able to come to an agreement with your partner, that is the best solution. However, courts can intervene and make decisions for you, based on who owns the home, income, pensions and other assets.

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