Septembers Q&As

You’ll have seen that on our Facebook page recently we have been posting some of our client’s questions and our answers to their legal problems.  Everyone’s situation will be unique but the information we give on Facebook can help someone decide whether they need further help from us.  Here’s a collection of the posts that our followers […]

A rose by any other name…?

I’ve had two mothers recently asking for advice about changing their child’s surname after remarrying. They’ve been keen for the whole household to have the same surname after marrying their new partner.   It has been interesting to compare their situations. One of them had already changed their son’s surname without consulting dad only for him […]

Le divorce

12 Snippets of Advice about Divorce

Divorce is a huge topic.  What is relevant for one person isn’t necessarily relevant for another.  It is hard to pick out the most important bits of advice because its all important!  But, not being one to turn down a challenge, I’ve made the attempt anyway. The only ground for divorce in England & Wales […]


Layering Up!

These days I find myself putting on another layer to keep warm. I really can’t justify putting the heating on for just me so I now wear a sneaky pair of leggings under my trousers. So far nobody has noticed the extra bulk. I’m not sure whether I’m pleased about that… I’m finding that layers […]

Does this look familiar?

Do you remember little Mo in Eastenders who was married to Trevor Morgan? Do you remember his severe mood swings and physical and emotional violence that ruined their marriage? Whenever little Mo tried to leave him, Trevor would manipulate her into staying; apologising for his behaviour and promising that he would not behave in that way again […]


Guest Blog: Margaret Hamilton – The Life After Divorce Coach What’s next when a marriage ends?

  When a marriage ends you have so many questions. “What now?” “How will I manage?” “How will I cope financially?” “Where will I live?” “What’s wrong with me?” It’s a very upsetting and confusing time so it’s important to get the help you need to see you through it. Family and friends will be […]

10 things to remember when dealing with CAFCASS

1. Who is CAFCASS anyway? CAFCASS is the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service. They are independent of the court but are involved in court proceedings to help families agree the future arrangements for their children. Their representatives will speak to children (depending on their age and maturity) and parents, as well as […]

Poor excuses for not making a Will

Do you know why you haven’t made a Will?  I imagine it is something that you have decided you need to do but you never seem to get around to it. Is it simply that you don’t like to think about dying?  I can promise you that making a will doesn’t necessarily mean you are […]